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Fanshawe Transcripts

Official grades and program progression status are available on WebAdvisor approximately one week after the end of each term. Students must use their WebAdvisor username and password to access their grades. Log in to WebAdvisor via:

Once you are successfully logged into WebAdvisor, follow the steps below to order a transcript. These steps are also outlined at:

Please note: Additional time may be required for grading of students in Ontario Learn, apprenticeship or other part-time courses.

Submitting a transcript request:

  • To immediately view and print your transcript, access "Transcript" on WebAdvisor.
  • WebAdvisor transcripts are acceptable for post-graduate work permit or study permit purposes.
  • To request a digital copy of your official transcript, please submit your request via Parchment.
  • If your transcripts are not available on Parchment, please contact

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