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How To Submit a High School Transcript With Your Application 

Transcripts that you submit to must be original and official. Photocopies are not acceptable. It is official if issued by the school you attended and it will bear the official stamp/seal. Include your application number on your documents.
To submit a high school transcript, current high school students should have their high school send their transcript to Ontario Colleges Application Service.
Applicants who are not currently in high school will need to contact their high school to have the transcript provided to Ontario Colleges Application Service. Mailing the original official document to Ontario Colleges is acceptable.
With each application year, applicants must send their high school transcript to Ontario Colleges Application Service.
If your school is no longer available (closed for summer, or closed permanently), contact the local Board of Education. Only the individual student can request the release of you academic record; the College cannot request this for you.

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