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Full-Time Course Load Requirements

A student is considered full-time once registered in 70-100% of a course load.  If a student is taking less than 70% of a course load they can switch their status to part-time. Please reference your Student Verification Form regarding contact teaching hours to determine percentage of a course load.  Any changes to full-time/part-time status must be completed within the first ten days of the term to be eligible for a possible refund of fees. 

Full-time for OSAP Purposes

For a student attending as full-time, they must be registered in a minimum of 60% of the program course load to be eligible to be considered for OSAP. 

Part-time for OSAP Purposes

A part-time student is defined as a student taking between 20 and 59 percent of a full course load.  A student with a permanent disability is considered to be a part-time student if he or she is taking between 20 and 39% of a full course load.

Please note that if you are a full-time student with OSAP and change from full-time to part-time, or if you are enrolled full-time and drop courses, please notify the Financial Aid Office immediately.  This could affect your funding eligibility. Note: averaging of course loads is not permitted.

You can visit the OSAP website at


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