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Recognition of Academic Excellence
Dean's Honour Roll Criteria:
1. Student must achieve a 3.9 term GPA.
2. Student must be in either a full-time or overload status. Students are to be enrolled in all required courses for the term. 
Note: students are allowed a variance equal to less than 46 hours fo the normal load for the term.
3. Student must have an Academic Standing of "IGS" (In Good Standing) or "RFG" (Recommended for Graduation) for the term. "PIC" (Program Incomplete) is not eligible.
   Additionally, the definition in the college policy for In Good Standing is: all required courses complete and acceptable grade point average.
4. Students who have "I" grades are excluded.  Dean's Honour Roll will be assigned to students' records at a later date if he/she becomes eligible.
5. Students in a graduation level can be awarded Dean's Honour Roll and may additionally be awarded President's Honour Roll, based on their cumulative program GPA.

President's Honour Roll Criteria:

President's Honour Roll is awarded to students who have successfully completed their program with a cumulative program GPA of 4.0 or greater.  Student may achieve President's Honour Roll in their program without achieving Dean's Honour Roll in each academic term if the cumulative program GPA of 4.0 or greater has been met.

Please refer to Section 3.5 of the Policy 2-B-17 Graduation from Approved College Programs, for more information.  Policies can be found on the college website.

The above recognition of academic excellence can be found on your academic transcripts.

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