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Program Applications Cannot be Deferred

Applicants who have been accepted to a full time Post Secondary program for the current academic year are not able to defer their acceptance to the following year. Applicants can change their applications online at to another start date within the same application year.  For example, the same application year consists of start dates between September of the same year to August of the next year.

To defer to the next academic year, applicants will need to complete the application process again for the following year.  Be sure to apply by the guaranteed consideration date of February 1st.

Applications are accepted at

Current Students who leave their program must notify the Office of the Registrar to withdrawal if they are not continuing and will have to re-apply by completing a Re-Admission form available through the Office of the Registrar, unless re-applying to Level One of a program.  All those applying to Level One or re-applying to level one must apply at

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