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History of Fanshawe College

Fanshawe College was formed in 1967, as a reconfiguration of the former Ontario Vocational Center (OVC), in London, Ontario.  The name Fanshawe means temple in the woods.  This name was selected for the new college to capture it's mission of providing a place of learning in the city of London, better known as the Forest City.

The College was fully operational as a community college in the 1970's.  The official title, at inception, was Fanshawe College of Applied Arts and Technology.  By the 1970's, campus operations had begun in St. Thomas, Simcoe, and Woodstock (in addition to London), with programs and services running in over 20 towns and cities in Southwestern Ontario.  Fanshawe College is currently one of the largest community colleges in the province. 

Fanshawe has had five presidents since becoming an Ontario College of Applied Arts & Technology. Below are the presidents and their years given in this role:

Dr. James A. Colvin (1967 to 1979)
Mr. Harry Rawson (1979 to 1987)
Dr. Barry Moore (1987 to 1996)
Dr. Howard W. Rundle (1996 to 2013)
Mr. Peter J. Devlin (2013 to present)

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