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Student Health and Dental Plan

Full time registered post secondary students are automatically covered under the Fanshawe Student Union Health Plan for prescription drugs, dental benefits, accident benefits and more.  

The plan is through and for information, please visit their website or our Fanshawe Student Union Health Plan webpages.  The plan offers three different sets of coverage which students can choose from.   Students have until 10th day of class to change plan coverage. Information can also be found through the Fanshawe Student Union office, located in the Student Centre room SC1001.  To contact the Fanshawe Student Union, call 519-453-3720.  

The cost of the health coverage is paid through the student's tuition, however, if you already have coverage by a Health Insurance Policy, you may choose to Opt-out of the plan during the first 10 days of class..  Information on the Opt-Out option can be found on the Student Union website until the 10th day of class each term.

Information on Post Secondary fees is available on our website, by visiting our Tuition & Fees webpage.

International students are entitled to comprehensive health coverage.  Information is available through the International Office, Room E2025 or contact call 519-452-4150.

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