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Bus Pass

London Transit bus passes are included in the programs fees for all full time blended (in person classes) Post Secondary and English Language program students at the London Campus, who are academically registered. This is brought to you by the Fanshawe Student Union (FSU) and the London Transit Commission (LTC). 

For further information, please visit the FSU web page.

Applying for Residence

Residence availability is on a first come, first served application process.

Once you you have been offered admission to Fanshawe for a program, you must confirm the offer through  Once confirmed, you can continue to follow the steps listed on our Applying to Residence web page.

Note: When completing the online residence application, please ensure that you use your full seven digit Fanshawe student number (first digit is a zero).

Further residence information can be found on our Residence web page.  

For information on Off-Campus Housing, please visit our Off-Campus Housing web page.

Fanshawe is Smoke-Free!

Fanshawe is committed to providing a healthy campus environment.  As of November 1, 2018, smoking any form of tobacco and/or cannabis, vaping and use of e-cigarettes and smokeless tobacco (commonly known as chewing tobacco) will not be permitted anywhere on Fanshawe property. In accordance with applicable legislation and the Workplace Accommodation Policy, Fanshawe will provide accommodation for the medical use of cannabis. For students in residence, the promotion, distribution and growing of cannabis is also not permitted.

For further information, please visit Smoke-Free Fanshawe .

Thank you for your co-operation.


The London Campus offers on site parking for both students and visitors.

For further information on student parking, please visit our Parking web page.

For information on visitor parking and parking at the other Fanshawe campuses, please visit our Visitors web page.

Campus Meal Plan

Fanshawe offers both a Meal Plan which is mandatory for student in residence and the Flex Plan for all students. 

Meal Plan fees are included in residence fees and can be used to purchase any food items on campus.  Flex plans can be purchased or set up and be used for purchases on campus such as photocopying, printing, supplies as well as food items for those not in residence. 

Both plans are maintained by the Campus Store. Information information regarding these can be found on our Food Services and FAN Card webpages.

Off-Campus Housing

Our Off-Campus Housing listing service is a division of Retail Services. You may visit our Off-Campus Housing web page for further information.

Questions should be directed to the Campus Store at 519-452-4260 or





The residence is co-ed, however, there are no co-ed suites.  Everyone who is accepted into residence must complete a 'Personality Profile'.  Based on these profiles students are placed with a roommate of the same gender with similar interests. 

The Residence web page can provide further details.  Please check the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's) for more information.

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