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Dropping/Changing A Course

Students registered in post-secondary programs wishing to add/drop/change courses must contact the Academic School for their program. If this withdraws your registration from the current term, you will need to complete a Withdrawal form.

To view the courses you are currently registered in and the drop deadline for each course, go to WebAdvisor under Student Verification.

To make any changes that affect your student status (full-time to part-time or part-time to full-time), you must do so by the tenth day of the term. After the tenth day of term, there is no status change or refund of fees.   Please note that dropping courses can affect a student's OSAP entitlement.

CE students wishing to withdraw from their CE course need to complete the CE Withdrawal form. Partial refunds are available if students withdraw from a course no later than the refund deadline. The refund deadline is published on the course registration page and displayed at time of registration. The refund is fees paid less an administrative fee ($26.50 for graded and $15.00 for non-graded courses).

Courses with ancillary fees which include consumables may withhold additional fees for materials used/retained by the student prior to the withdrawal. If you have questions about withdrawing from a CE course, please contact us at


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