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Continuing Education courses are delivered the following ways:
Classroom (C): Traditional face to face teaching in the classroom with an instructor.
Blended  (B): Flexible delivery format that allows students to come to class every second or third week while covering online content in between class times. Students must attend the first class. Internet access is required.
FanshaweOnline or OntarioLearn: The course is completed online and with the possible exception of the exam, you do not need to come to the college. Internet and general computer skills are required
Blended Accelerated (ACBL): The course is offered as a blended delivery method with the same number of course hours but in a shorter period of time.
Online Accelerated (ACOL): The course is offered as an online delivery method with the same number of course hours but in a shorter period of time.
Continuing Education courses are offered as:
eLab (my eLab): this offers the flexibility of online learning with the support of an eLearning coach and access to College resources 
ACT (Accelerated Career Training): some programs are now offered in a shorter time frame to allow you to start a new career earlier
IaD (In-A-Day): non-graded professional development type courses offered in one day
Please note course may be:
Graded: When a credit course is complete, a grade is assigned to your student academic transcript.
Non-graded: For general interest courses, there is no grade assigned.

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