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Tuition Fee Information

Tuition fees must be paid in order to become registered as a student.

Fees may be paid at the Office of the Registrar, Room E1012, by Interac debit, cheque or money order (payable to Fanshawe College), or by credit card (Visa/Mastercard). Fees can also be paid online through the student's WebAdvisor account using Visa or Mastercard or through your bank using your seven digit student number as the account number.  If mailing the payment, please only send cheque, money order or credit card information.

Postdated cheques are not accepted.

Fee invoice packages are mailed to students entering Level 1 of a program.  The fee invoice package contains information on fees, payment options, due dates and Frosh kits.

For Level 1 students starting in September, Fee packages will be mailed starting in May. For January, the packages are mailed in November and to register for May, the packages will be mailed out starting in March.  Returning students will be sent an email letter regarding fees around the same times.

If payment is not received by the fee payment due date, the student may lose their seat in the program.

Tuition and Fee information for the current year, can be found on our website. Fees are posted each May for the following school year.  

For further information, please visit the webpages for the Office of the Registrar.

To have OSAP loans released, students must be registered in their program and have made their minimum fee payment by the fee payment due date. For further information on Financial Aid, including OSAP information, please visit our Financial Aid webpages.

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